Underwater baby photos offer an unique opportunity for the parent who is looking for something unique and different to the normal everyday baby photo,  to go that step further and to have that fun special cute adorable photo of your baby which we all know it can really only be when your baby is  that special  age which they are only once as they grow up so fast and to have missed this opportunity is a shame never to be able to recreate that moment again and for it to be lost for ever think everyone at some point wishes they can go back in time but as we unfortunately know we cant.

These sessions are for babies of any age, we have had from a few days old up to grandparents and everything in between. The sessions are an opportunity  for parents who for what ever reason be it wishing to teach their babies to swim themselves self styled swimming lessons where the parent and baby forms an fantastically close parent and baby bond not to  missed out on the opportunity to have a underwater baby photo of their baby underwater or with parent and baby underwater or sibling and baby underwater or those who are or have been attended baby swimming lessons again for what ever reason the underwater photo session dose not suit excessively priced or just really poor quality but would like an high quality underwater photo of their cute baby as well outside of the baby swimming lessons.

The sessions are run  like a baby swimming class there except there is no pressure on the baby or the parent the sessions are easy going friendly  understanding, any questions you have will be answered there is no number system yourself and your baby can have fun splash about interact and socialise with other babies in the group and parents between  underwater baby  photos .

Underwater photos will be online within seven days of the session but normally shortly after  for you view and purchases in a wide range of sizes formats as we print ourselves and are able to print up to feature walls we can pretty much cover all requirements to date at a reasonable less then high street print price with a fast turnaround time or if you wish to have high resolution  digitally files these are available to purchases as well all theses  are made available in Clients area.

If you have a location or part of Baby swimming lessons in any area where you would like to run an underwater baby photo session we are happy to look in to group bookings and always looking for new locations to run new underwater baby photo sessions feel free to contact us.